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Alpha Architects, a full service architecture and design firm that specializes in creative buildings, landscapes and interiors, reached out in the early stages of their business to develop a brand identity in preparation for the launch of their new practice. 

  • Identity Design

  • Style Guide

  • Collateral Design

architect logo

Logo Design

The objective was to design a brand identity that reflected the creative and meticulous nature of the Alpha Architects practice. Drawing inspiration from building structures and traditional drafting tools, we drafted numerous initial design concepts until we crafted the right logo mark and identity system that will serve the firm well.

architect logo sketches
modern house back yard

Crafting an identity for master craftsmen

Identity System

Following completion and approval of the final logo, we created a brand style guide that defined usage requirements to ensure visual consistency in all company marketing materials.

architect style guide

Collateral Design

Following creation of the visual identity system, we created the initial marketing elements, including signage, business cards, and other collateral designs.

architect sign
architect business cards
architect pencils
architect plans blue prints container tube
architect poster marketing ads
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